Repairs To Damaged Timber Fence

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Repair Storm Damaged Fence in Melbourne

BREAKING NEWS – Friday 1st August 2014

Has your fence been damaged in a storm, just like this Carrum Downs home owner who discovered his back fence blown down at his Lyrebird Drive home yesterday.

With 3 days of severe winter weather predicted along with very high winds, it is safe to say that hundreds of homes around Melbourne will suffer the same fate.

Our quick response team will come around and secure the fence using supports until we can organise supplies and come and repair the fence.

With your fence damaged in a storm it suddenly lowers your security and could make you feel vulnerable so getting the fence repairs done quickly is not only good for the property, it puts you at ease too.

Call us the instant you suffer fence damage from a storm or high winds. Timber Fencing Melbourne would love to be of assistance during any storm.