Questions To Ask Your Fencing Contractor

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Getting a tradesman to do some work at home requires a lot of due diligence. To be honest, there are a lot a shady ones out there. Finding a good one is not as easy as you think.

Ask yourself, and him, these vital questions when deciding which fencing contractor to use. It could save you a lot grief. After all, we want the job done as seamlessly as possible.

1. Competitive Quote
Is your paling fence quote competitive? We do not want to necessarily go with the cheapest but after seeing differences of $800 in some quotes it pays to get 3 or 4 of them.

2. Arrive On Time
If he says he will be there Thursday at 9AM ensure he is. Your time is valuable too. You do not want to rearrange another appointment only to have the fencing contractor hold you up.

3. Quality Materials
Ask him if the materials he is going to be using are quality. Some fencers visit auction lots to buy sub standard cheap materials. That means a poor job for you.

4. Site Clean Up
Make sure that site clean up is included in the quote. You do not want to be slugged another $120 to have the old fence removed etc. Every piece of debris must be taken away.

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