Timber Paling Fencing Mount Erin

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Timber fencing is not only the most affordable option in fencing, it sits comfortably in just about any style of home and is seen as the quintessential choice for Mount Erin homes.

Mount Erin Timber Fencing are fully licensed timber fencing contractors who can construct paling fences in a range of different designs, including: paling, horizontal, and post/rail to name a few.

We can help you select a design and type of timber that best meets the needs of your home. We will work closely with you to come up with the most desirable solution.

Make Your Fence Look Better

To beautify the look of a paling fence there are two easy choices:

1) Add capping to the top of your timber paling fence

2) Expose the posts – this means the posts can be seen from either side of the paling fence rather than just the framed side giving both neighbours a great looking fence.

Use Hardwood Posts

Posts made of hardwood are what is called H4 rated, which means that they are resistant to rotting and decay. Hardwood also provides extra strength in windy conditions. (In our opinion most fences that fall in windy conditions are either Cypress Pine or Treated Pine).

2 Reasons To Choose Timber Fencing

Noise Reduction: Timber fencing absorbs noise. You will notice timber noise reduction walls along most freeways as chosen by Vic Roads. It is the denseness of timber that reduces road traffic noise substantially.

Sustainability: Global warming and sustainability are high on most peoples agenda these days. Timber paling fences are from man-made forests, renewable and also good at capturing CO2.

Make Your Mount Erin Home Standout

Your home in Mount Erin, on the Mornington Peninsula, is not only a major investment but also the place that memories are made that will last you a lifetime. It is where your children grow up and where you entertain your family and friends.

Do it with an eye-popping timber fence as a backdrop. The security and privacy that it will give you will hold you in good stead for years.

Why Choose Mount Erin Fencing?

Paling Fence Mount Erin. Your Fencing Contractor Specialists

Mount Erin Timber Fencing are an experienced and committed team of fencing contractors. It is our passion to provide an outstanding product at a competitive price with exceptional customer service that has driven us for years.

We have completed many fencing jobs in the Mount Erin area, most by word of mouth recommendations.
Your new fence will be built by exact standards with premium materials.
We will also leave your yard looking pristine when we leave.

Timber Fence Price In Mount Erin

Now we get down to nitty gritty. Price. The cost of your new timber fence is a vital component. Let’s be honest here, there are a lot of sharks out there.

To safeguard you from them we will give you a ballpark figure here. This price is an estimate and does not take into account many factors that decide the final price.

These factors include:
Length and height of the fence
Ease of access to the site
Obstacles on the fence line like shed, vines etc.
Slope of the land
And more….

Until we come out and survey the site of the new fence we cannot accurately give you a price but expect to pay in the vicinity of $87-$95 per metre for a timber fence in the Mount Erin area.

Important information:
2 Year Warranty
Removal Of Existing
Supply and Install
Fully Insured
Fully Licensed

Customer Comment:

First class job on the fence boys. We love the look and feel of both the side and back fence you did for us here in Mount Erin.