Paling Fence Cost For Melbourne Homes

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paling fence cost Melbourne

I get asked this question every day when I give a fence quote and unfortunately, there is not an exact answer.

The price of a backyard fence cost is going to depend on a few things, which I will go through here.

Hopefully it will help you get a ball park price but if not, I will put an approximate price at the end based on the fence I built this past week.

Length and Height Of Fence

Obviously, this is the major factor when getting a price for a back yard fence. The longer the fence, the more it will cost due to using more fencing materials. That’s why the best fencing contractors will always give you a price per metre for a paling fence.

The height of the fence is a factor as well. Palings come in 1.5, 1.8, 2.1 and 2.4 metres high. Once again, the higher palings cost more.

The plinth (the board that runs along the bottom) also comes in different sizes, either 6inch or 8inch.

All of these sizes can give you a fence height from 1.65 metres all the way up to 2.6 metres.

Types Of Fencing Materials

Timber fence materials like posts, palings, plinth boards and rails come in a variety of materials which will alter the cost of the fence. For example, posts come in either cypress or hardwood. Cypress posts are more attractive than hardwood and are cheaper.

On the flip side, hardwood posts will last longer in the ground than cypress so measure these two points up before deciding.

The plinth can either be treated pine or cypress. Ask your fencing contractor the pros and cons of each.

The rails and palings will be treated pine as it is proven to be the best material for a fence in Australian conditions.

Access To Site

Is there easy access to the site? Are there any obstructions preventing the fencer from getting to the fence line. Garden sheds and cubby houses are familiar obstructions.

Another factor is greenery or vines etc tangled around, over and through the existing fence. All this will create a time factor and will be reflected in the final price.

What Is The Average Cost Per Metre Of A Backyard Fence?

Best I can do is give you my backyard fence cost. My fence is a normal, garden variety fence where there was walk up access to the site.

A large section of the fence was lying on the ground after a storm we had here in Carrum Downs, picture is here, so taking down the old fence was not as time consuming as it should have been.

My fence was 19 metres long and 2 metres high consisting of a 8 inch plinth and 1.8 metre palings.

The total cost of the fence, for both home owners was $1350, or $675 each neighbour. If I had of taken down the old fence and disposed of it I would have saved $200.

When it is all said and done, the fence price was $35 per metre for each neighbour or $70 per metre all up.


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